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Current information

7.  9. 2018 17:45

The weather looks great. Saturday and Sunday without raining. The wind will be low (NW/SW). Both terrains are ready to fly.


The paragliding accuracy competition – Šumavská palačinka will ve this weekend 8th-9th September. The weather looks great! We are looking forward to you!

The accuracy competition “Šumavská palačinka“ is for all pilots who want to try to hit the target during the landing. The target, called “palačinka“ is in the middle of 10-metre-circle. Come to touch your zero!

During competition we can use three take offs in the surrounding of Sušice. In the case of bad weather we can use airport Tchořovice 36km far. Please take your tow bridle with you.

There are two competition days. The last round starts at 1 pm. The flights finish at 2 pm. The announcement of result follows after the counting of results, at the latest at 4 pm.

Changes of rules and program can be discussed at the Saturday breafing. Maximal of number of competition rounds is 6. Landing area will be chosen in the morning on Saturday.

The maximum number of pilots is 40

Good weather and take offs are arranged NE, NW,  SW, S.

Entry fee: 12 Eur

Entry fee covers:

  • transport to take off
  • take off fee
  • lunch packets


Para Delta Club Sušice

Město Sušice

dooblak.cz – tandem flights


Pekařství Karel Rendl

Pidipivovárek Lazny

Programme of competition

Friday 7th of September

  •  since 6 pm it is possilbe to acomodate in Chatová osada Luh (wooden huts for 2 -4 people (GPS 49.2220572N, 13.5148906E)
  • next accomodation possibility is in apartments
  • 6-8 pm registration, you can also register on Saturday morning 7-8 pm
  • since 8 pm barbecue with team of Para Delta Club Sušice

Saturday 8th of September

  • 7-8 pm last chance to registre for late-comes
  •  8-8:30 pm official briefing – numbers drawing
  • after the briefing leaving for take off, who wants to see landing area please follow organizer cars
  • 12 – 13 lunck break





Teams – must be 5 and more

Female hobbies category – must be 5 and more (Czech repre.)